Society for the Study of Human Development

Call for Papers

10th Biennial Meeting Call for Papers

The Society for the Study of Human Development

10th Biennial Meeting

Creativity, Spirituality, and Health across the Life-Span

Omni Hotel

Providence, RI

October 6-8, 2017

The Society for the Study of Human Development invites proposal submissions for its 10th Biennial Meeting. SSHD is an international society based in the U.S. Ours is a multidisciplinary organization – including developmental psychology, biology, education, sociology, economics, cultural studies, and history. We are dedicated to the study of issues of Developmental Science within the life-span and life-course traditions. The central mission of SSHD is to provide an organization that moves beyond age-segmented scholarly organizations to foster an integrative, interdisciplinary approach to theories of, research on, and applications of Developmental Science across the life span/life course.

As the world becomes more complex and at the same time more connected, a great challenge for all peoples is to find a way to live positive, meaningful and significant lives. Three themes that are centrally involved in finding and sustaining positive purpo­se are creativity, spirituality and health. Increased research interest in these three areas makes them a timely set of themes for this Biennial Meeting of SSHD, which brings scholars from the many disciplines of Human Development and Developmental Science together to share their newest work. The meeting will invite leading scholars and researchers to present and discuss their most recent findings, current major challenges, and future plans, all in a multi- disciplinary small scale setting that affords exchange, collaboration and application.

The conference brings together graduate students, emerging scholars, established scholars and people from the worlds of policy and practice to share their work and real world experience. We have confirmed the participation of several important and engaging scholars at the meeting:

Presidential Address

Kristine Ajrouch, Eastern Michigan University

Plenary Address Speakers

Pamela King, Fuller Theological Seminary

Crystal Park, University of Connecticut

Robert J. Sternberg, Cornell University

John Weisz, Harvard University

Plenary Symposia Organizers

Mona Abo-Zena, Brown University

Liane Gabora, University of British Columbia

George Scarlett, Tufts University

The 10th Biennial Conference welcomes submissions examining relational processes at any level(s) in order to better understand, explain, and optimize human development over the life span/life course. With the theme of this year’s conference: Creativity, Spirituality, and Health Across the Life-Span, SSHD encourages all participants, whether as symposia participants or poster presenters, to contribute to the formation of a vision of the future Developmental Science committed to the optimization of meaning, significance, and positivity in human lives. We especially welcome submissions incorporating diverse scientific frameworks, including interdisciplinary scholarship.

All attendees of the conference are required to register for the conference.

Acceptance of papers is contingent upon receipt of registration.

Registration fees for the conference are:

Early Registration Members $190

Early Registration Members with 2-year renewal $315
Early Registration Non-Members $315 (includes 2 year membership)
Onsite Members $290
Onsite Non-Members $415 (includes 2 year membership)
Student Early Registration Members $85
Student Early Registration Non-Members $145 (includes 2 year student membership)
Student Onsite Registration Members $135

Student Onsite Registration Non-Members $195 (includes a 2 year student membership)

Registration includes coffee/tea @ breaks.

Conference and Hotel Registration will open on June 1, 2017. Instructions will be provided at

Hotel rooms also will be available at conference rates from October 4-8 for those wishing to extend their stay.

Submission Information

All submissions will be made through the Easy Chair Conference Organizer. A link is made available below and is also available on

Deadline to Submit Symposia Abstracts is May 1, 2017.

Notification regarding symposia acceptance will be emailed by June 1, 2017.

Deadline to Submit Poster Abstracts is July 5, 2017.

Notification regarding poster acceptance will be emailed by July 15, 2017.

There are two tracks for submissions: (1) symposia, and (2) poster presentations.

Symposium. Symposia will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. A symposium begins with brief opening comments by the Chair followed by either three presenters and a discussant or four presenters. This format is designed to allow ample time for lively discussion at the conclusion of the presentations.

The Symposium Organizer(s) must provide their name(s), affiliation(s), and email addresses along with that information for each participant. They must include the title and overview summary of the symposium along with the title and abstract for each participant’s contribution.

Poster Presentations. The first author will provide their name, institutional affiliation, and email address, as well as the name, affiliation, and email address of each additional author per instructions.

INSTRUCTIONS for Submission via Easy Chair

Control-click this link to the Easy Chair site for our conference identified as SSHD2017.

Submit to Easy Chair

Or cut and paste into your browser:

You will create a log-in account then follow these steps:

1) Select new submission along the top menu

2) Select the track relevant for your submission (Symposium or Posters). Click "Continue".

  • Next provide author information. This will be used in constructing the conference program so please be careful to provide accurate information. Include the name, organization (affiliation) and email addresses of each and every author. Authors may include their personal web page if they opt to do so. This includes each and every author/discussant/chair participating in a symposium.
  • For each submission there are two boxes: Title and Abstract.

5)  Word limit: All titles are limited to 200 characters. Poster submission abstracts should not     exceed 150 words. Symposia submissions: Provide a summary limited to each 250 words. Each abstract: should not exceed 150 words for each submission.

6) Do not include author names in the abstract section. Submissions for posters, and symposia will be blind-reviewed.

7) The program committee asks that you cut and paste an edited and proofread abstract into the abstract window. You must populate both the title and abstract text fields. For symposia submissions, please enter (or cut and paste) the summary information in the abstract window. Then include the TITLE and ABSTRACT for each paper. If there is a Discussant, simply state Discussant and provide their name and affiliation.

8) You must provide 3 keywords.

9) For symposia submissions only: At the bottom of the submission page, you will find a link to upload a PDF file with the summary, and each abstracts included in the symposium. For each participant include provide the Title, Author(s), Affiliation, Abstract. For example:

An Analysis of the Growth of Logic in Modern America. Smith, A. J., All-America University, Anderson, L. B., & Jensen, N. O, Nirvana, U. R.


Questions regarding submission process may be directed to Joseph Fitzgerald (, David Henry Feldman, or Kristine Ajrouch (