Society for the Study of Human Development

Society Committees

Executive Officers

SSHD Steering Committee


Kristine Ajrouch, Eastern Michigan University

President Elect

David Henry Feldman, Tufts University

Past President

Willis Overton, Temple University

Executive Secretary

Monika Ardelt, University of Florida


Rosemarie DiBiase, Suffolk University

The Executive Committee of SSHD is composed of the Executive Officers.



Anthony Dick, Web Editor, Florida International University

Membership Committee

Shannon Pruden, Chair, Florida International University

Publicity Committee

Yoko Yamamoto, Chair, Brown University

Deborah Johnson, Co-Chair, Michigan State University

Julia Penn Shaw, Member, SUNY - Empire State College

Activities Committee

Jennifer Brown Urban, Chair, Montclair State University

Awards Committee

Toni C. Antonucci, Chair, University of Michigan

Carolyn Aldwin, Oregon State University

David Henry Feldman, Member, Tufts University

Emerging Scholars Committee

Chris Napolitano, Chair, University of Zurich

Noah Webster, University of Michigan

Listserve Committee

Denis Gerstorf, Editor, Humboldt University

Publications Committee

Joseph M. Fitzgerald, Chair, Wayne State University

Journal: Research in Human Development

Megan McClelland, Co-Editor, Oregon State University

Rick Settersten, Co-Editor, Oregon State University

Carolyn Aldwin, Oregon State University

Kristine Ajrouch, Eastern Michigan University

Toni C. Antonucci, University of Michigan

Monika Ardelt, University of Florida

Cynthia Garcia Coll, Carlos Albizu University

Rosemarie DiBiase, Suffolk University

Anthony Dick, Florida International University

Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Stockholm University

Joseph M. Fitzgerald, Wayne State University

Denis Gerstorf, Humboldt University

Deborah Johnson, Michigan State University

Richard M. Lerner, Tufts University

Megan McClelland, Oregon State University

Chris Napolitano, University of Zurich

Willis Overton, Temple University

Shannon Pruden, Florida International University

Rick Settersten, Oregon State University

Jennifer Brown Urban, Montclair State University

Noah Webster, University of Michigan

Yoko Yamamoto, Brown University